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Pietra di Maria

Emerald Solitario Ear Cuff

Emerald Solitario Ear Cuff

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Origin: Meticulously crafted in Colombia, reflecting the rich heritage of craftsmanship and style.

Material: Fashioned from exquisite solitaire emerald stones and adorned with luxurious gold plating, ensuring both durability and elegance.

Style: Elevate your look with our stunning Emerald Elegance Gold-Plated Long Earrings featuring an elegant ear cuff design. These earrings are meticulously crafted to exude sophistication and glamour, with each piece showcasing the natural beauty of solitaire emerald stones and the opulence of gold plating. The ear cuff adds a touch of edgy elegance, making these earrings perfect for both casual and formal occasions.

Note: Please note that as natural gemstones, the color and appearance of each emerald may vary slightly, adding to the uniqueness and charm of each piece.

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